January 29, 2018


Hello, my dear travelers!

In December 2017 we’ve finally decided to travel to Berlin, our long-term travel wish and great next step for my travel journal. Barring London, Berlin was on the top of our travel list. It finally happened! I can’t describe our feelings when we landed at Berlin airport – Tegel. The first scenes were already promising – an old communist airport, fifty shades of grey, ugly orange and German language. We flew from Zagreb and the flight was approx. two hours long. Outbound flight was operated with Check airlines, and return one with Eurowings. Amazing experiences with these two companies.

            When we’re talking about accommodation, we are very simple and undemanding. For every trip, I book our accommodation on Booking.com and so this time, too. When it comes to Berlin, I warmly recommend booking accommodation in city part called Mitte. It’s the city centre, perfectly connected with other parts and full of stores, restaurants, shops, coffee bars. Our hostel is located around 7 minutes walking from Brandenburger Tor and main walking area – Unter den Linden. So, if it’s important to you to book hostel very close to city centre, then BNB Branderburg Gate is your right choice. Price for two people/three days is approx. 160€. Really cheap considering a perfect location with the clean and comfortable room, kind staff. The best part of this accommodation is that down below is a huge market Hit, where you can buy cheap delicacies and different types of beer.

            We spent four days in Berlin and it’s quite enough for the first visit. If you organize your time, you can visit everything important. Down below is a list of my recommendations when it comes to Berlin. Make sure you take a day off for East Berlin. You will not regret it and you will not be sorry for the pain in your legs caused by a long walk. Great thing to see is a Raw market on Sundays. If you have a chance, visit Berlin at Christmas time. They have a few beautiful Christmas markets in several locations. The vibe is amazing! If you are a history lover or just love visiting museums, I recommend you to visit DDR Museum. Amazing time machine which will take you at the time of the Soviet Union and introduce you with all its details. The ticket price/adult is 9€.

The overall impression about Berlin can fit in two words – incredibly excellent. The city is huge but well connected. It’s full of restaurants and bars, but you can find a cheap place. Don’t buy souvenirs in the city centre, just walk a bit far and pay a few euros less.

We will definitely come back for more!



Hostel: BNB Branderburg Gate

Restaurants and Bars: Humbolt terrace (beautiful interior with amazing view)

Burger bar: Burgermeister

Market: Raw market, Christmas market

Museum: DDR Museum

Souvenir: take a photo in Photoautomat


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